Our School


  1. Make learning relevant for students and include opportunities for them to think deeply about a topic. (ENGAGE)
  2.  Encourage students to discover what drives them. (INSPIRE)
  3.  Allow students to use their individual skills and interests to better themselves and those around them. (EMPOWER)
We believe that middle school is a time for ongoing self-discovery,  honoring unique ideas, developing responsibility for learning, developing empathy and caring, appreciating failure and success, incorporating time for collaboration and competition, valuing diversity and inclusion, ingraining time for reflection, and developing a value for service and compassion. We believe student experiences at school should be joyful and engaging!

Dunstan Middle School proudly serves around 850 6th, 7th, & 8th graders in the Green Mountain Area. As a collective staff we strive to create a joyful, beautiful school that provides students with instruction that is highly engaging. Our tradition of excellent academic preparation and creative instruction purposefully connects content with real world examples to bring learning to life and provide relevance to learning. Our students benefit from a highly-committed and well-educated staff who consistently place student needs at the center of their work. The commitment to developing each student into a well-rounded and balanced person is reflected in our determination to engage, inspire, and empower our students.

The current school day runs 7:15a-2:15p.  During the first 30 minutes of every day (7:15a-7:45a), every student is in an Advisement class with a teacher they will have all year long.  During Advisement:

  • Students build relationships with their Advisement (homeroom) teacher.
  • Students learn about what's going on at Dunstan and throughout the community through Patriot TV and announcements (on Mondays).
  • Students participate in community building activities with other students in their Advisement class as well as students throughout the school.
  • Students participate in lessons designed to address social emotional well-being, digital citizenship, personal awareness, etc.
  • Students develop their personal self-advocacy skills by making arrangements ahead of time to travel (on Tuesdays and Thursdays) to their teachers or other school staff members for additional academic, social emotional, or technology support.
  • Students review their grades and test scores to set personal academic goals for themselves. 
  • Students 6th-8th will be involved in targeted learning opportunities during Advisement related to their digital citizenship skills and their social emotional well-being. 

Dunstan is proud to have a community that supports and embraces both tradition and innovation and we look forward to continuing to support every student who walks through our doors each and every day.


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