6th Grade Exploratory Course Offerings (updated 4/2019)

6th Grade Science Elective:

This science elective has two components.  When the weather is not so friendly you will expand your mind through challenging building events through the principles of simple machines. These challenges are not meant to frustrate you (although they will at times!), but to challenge you!  The second part of this elective will take you into the Gully to participate in field work such as bird surveys, water samples, and vegetation surveys. At the end of the semester you will write a compilation of your work to present to the scientific community.

Intro to Computers:

This course provides an opportunity for students to utilize and expand their computer science knowledge, while also creating the opportunity for beginners to succeed at learning the basics. While creating the various projects, students learn to utilize skills using Google apps and Microsoft Office as well as strengthening their online research skills.  They will also have the opportunity to explore what other electives have to offer for their 7th & 8th grade years.

6/7 Computer Science Discoveries:

(CS Discoveries) is an introductory computer science course that empowers students to create authentic artifacts and engage with computer science as a medium for creativity, communication, problem solving, and fun.

Intermediate Band

This class is for students who have 1-2 years experience playing their instrument and have basic instrumental skills mastered.  This class consists of mostly 6th grade students but beginning level 7th/8th grade students may be a part of this class as well.  Concert Band members will perform 2-3 concerts during the school year including a possible festival concert outside of school.  All Jefferson County Music Content Standards are part of everyday class and students will be expected to improve on these throughout the full year course.

Jazz Band

This class is an ‘additional’ class offered here at Dunstan and NOT at most middle schools in Jefferson County.  Students must be enrolled in Intermediate, Concert Band, Symphonic Band, or Orchestra to be in Jazz Band as it meets on a limited basis within the school day.  Students should be at a high level of musicianship in order to be in Jazz Band due to this limited meeting time. Jazz Band has 4-6 performances each year including a performance outside of school.  Auditions for the band will be held in May each year. If you are new to the area and wish to be in this class please contact Mr. Cavaliere before enrolling.

Mr. Cavaliere


Theater 1

This class introduces students to the basics of acting and play production.  Topics covered include handling stage fright, public speaking, character development, warming up, auditioning, jobs in the industry, and tech work/designs.  

Musical Theater

Students audition to be an actor or apply to be a techies for the annual school musical.  The students who make it are then enrolled in this class, which is where the majority of rehearsals occur.  Auditions are usually in October, and the class is spring semester.

World Mythology

Explore the myths and fables from across the world!  We’ll focus on Egyptian, Greek/Roman, Norse, and British myths; but we’ll also encounter creatures from all over the world from Baba Yaga to the Bunyip, from the Kelpie to the Kitsune.  The class uses reading, writing, art, and oral storytelling to explore these folklores.

World Culture and Language

In this class students will explore how diverse people live across the world. Students will cook native cuisine, replicate traditional art techniques, speak foreign languages and understand brief histories of other countries. After completing this course students will become active global citizens and will have a deeper knowledge and appreciation for varied countries and their unique characteristics.

Spanish 101 (6th grade)

Students first introduction to a foreign Language. Students will learn the basics of the Spanish language through reading, writing, and speaking Spanish content.

Physical Education-General PE:

Students will work on their individual fitness through warm ups, fitness testing and the use of fitness technology: Heart Tech Plus (HTP) and pedometers, acquiring MVPA (Moderate-Vigorous Physical Activity). Students will participate in a variety of traditional and non-traditional fitness activities (soccer, lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, disc golf, badminton, nitro ball, takraw, pickleball, team handball, etc.).

Destination Literacy (6th Grade)

Destination Literacy is an elective that builds literacy skills, while also allowing students choice-based learning. Students will explore choice reading, and respond through reading tasks. As Writers, students will try on multiple writing styles and create several writing outcomes. Through collaboration and imagination, reading and writing can be fun, engaging, and authentic for all students!  Tasks for this elective include:

  • Book Clubs

  • Book Snaps

  • Book Trailers

  • Author Study

  • Wax Museum

  • Book Reviews

  • Fictional Narratives/Graphic Novels/Comics creation

  • Novel Writing (National Writing Month)

  • Poetry/ Poetry Slam

  • Blogging

  • Portfolio Creation

6th Grade Art

The Sixth grade Art class will follow a curriculum that emphasizes learning and applying the Elements of Art. Students will be doing individual as well as collaborative work, requiring higher level thinking skills, and they will be exploring a variety of mediums along the way. They will be learning and applying relevant vocabulary for each project, engaging in whole class critiques as well as writing personal reflections of their work. This course will offer a series of projects with a different series of creative challenges for students. Students will keep a sketchbook in class for notes, ideas, and assignments.

Echoes orchestra - 6th/7th grade:
This orchestra is a performance-oriented ensemble that is open to students who have had one or more years' experience in playing a stringed instrument. The group will perform 3-4 concerts throughout the year and will play both classical and popular music.  If you have questions, please contact Mrs Hawley at

Destination Imagination
Destination ImagiNation will prepare you to be an innovator of the future by combining the arts, sciences, and technology with creativity, teamwork, and problem solving. You will use your leadership, collaboration, and project management skills to create a STEAM-based project to present at a Destination ImagiNation tournament held on a Saturday in February or March. Teams finishing first or second at the Jeffco tournament will advance to the Colorado Affiliate Tournament held on a Saturday in April. Teams finishing in the top three at the Colorado tournament will be invited to attend the Global Finals in Kansas City at the end of May. It is not required to take this elective to participate in DI, but it is encouraged.

Robotics (6-8?)
The objective of this course is to introduce the student to the engineering process, basic programming and problem solving strategies. This course will involve students in the development, building and programming of a LEGO Mindstorm robot to address real world situations and problems. Students will work hands-on in teams to design, build, program and document their progress as they explore the world of robotics.

All Sports, All the Time - Semester 1

Are you ready for some football?  How about some competition among classmates and your teacher?  In this class, students will analyze NFL statistics, matchups, injuries, and bye weeks to prepare and draft a fantasy football team based on a specified salary cap.  Throughout the NFL season, students will calculate points based on number of passing, rushing, and receiving yards, touchdowns, as well as individual and team defensive sacks, interceptions, and defensive touchdowns.  The winner will be determined after regular season week sixteen. GAME ON!!!

All Sports, All the Time - Semester 2

Winter and Spring brings us to basketball, the National Hockey League, and the beginning of baseball season!  Students will study and research different men’s and women’s NCAA basketball programs to select a “final four” before March Madness.  We will also be keeping track of the NHL battle for the Stanley Cup by studying teams in both the Western and Eastern conferences. Finally, students will use team and individual statistics from Major League Baseball’s Spring Training and the beginning of the regular season to present playoff hopefuls for the 2019 season.  BATTER UP!

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