Staff List

 Name & Bio Content Grade Email Voicemail
Adams, Matthew
Science 8 8th Email (303)982-9273
Allen, Erin
Creative Writing, ELA Honors 7, ELA 7 7th Email (303)982-1513
Archer, Mollie
Speech Pathologist 7th/8th Email (303)982-0357
Ms. Austin
Austin, Cara
School Paraprofessional      
 Mrs. Babbitt
Babbitt, Nicole
Family And Consumer Sciences (FACS) 7th/8th Email (303)982-9303
Ms. Barringer
Barringer, Jasmine
 Head Custodian      
 Mr. Bazz
Bazz, Ryan
Assistant Principal --- Email (303)982-9270
Blanch, Ana
Ceramics, Photography, Jewelry, Visual Arts, Stage Craft 7th/8th Email (303)982-0139
Boe, Anna
Spanish 101, Journalism/Yearbook 7th/8th Email (303)982-7699
Bogott, Stephanie
Social Worker -- Email (303)982-8394
Bohn, Heather
Science 8, Health 8th Email (303)982-9248
Boucher, Holly
Social Studies 7, Social Sciences 7th/8th Email (303)982-9431
Ms. Cachola
Cachola, Heidi
Day Custodian      
Cavaliere, Dan
Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, Concert Band 7th/8th Email (303)982-5293
Cazan, Dana
ELA Honors 8, ELA, Student Council 7th Email (303)982-9296
Cisneros, Bennye
Facilitiy Manager -- Email (303)982-9216
Mr. Clark
Clark, David
Math 8, Algebra 8th Email (303)982-5474
Mrs. Cline
Cline, Tricia
School Paraprofessional      
Cogswell, Kevin
Geometry, Math 7/8, DI 7th/8th Email (303)982-4784
 Mr. Cole
Cole, Ryan
8th Grade Counselor & DHS Sponsor 8th Email (303)982-6123
Coon, Cindy
School Resource Officer -- -- (303)982-9270
Disney, Diane
ESL/ELL 7th/8th Email (303)982-9496
Dolan, Deb
Digital Teacher Librarian 7th/8th Email (303)982-9204
Mrs. Dolfi
Dolfi, Holly
Library Paraprofessional       
Duffin, Anneli
Math Seminar, Math 7, Math 8 7th/8th Email (303)982-8870
Everding, Kelly
Math 7, Math 7/8 7th/8th Email (303)982-1489
Fabian, Mark
Science 7, Physical Education 7th Email (303)982-9264
Fisher, Carey
Science 7, Science 8 7th/8th Email (303)982-3775
Geerts, Amy
 ELA 7, Reading 7  7th  Email  
Golgart, Janna
Computer Science, Coding, Video Game Design 7th/8th Email (303)982-4148
Gordon, Andrew
World Area Studies: Eastern Hemisphere 7 7th Email (303)982-1182
Hawley, Carla
Orchestra 7th/8th Email (303)982-9271
Hoffa, Audreia
Science 7, Science 7 Honors, Anatomy  7th/8th Email (303)982-9263
Ivy, Laura
Math 8, Student Council 7th/8th Email (303)982-9266
Jiron, Anita
Attendance Secretary/ISS Supervisor -- Email (303)982-9270
Kirksey, Jennifer
Principal --- Email (303)982-9270
Leeburg, Jamie
Physical Education, Lifetime Fitness, Healthy Schools, Smart Fit Girls 7th/8th Email  (303)982-8370
 Lewis, Melanie
7th Grade Counselor  ---  Email  
Lovato, Jamie
ELA 7, Avid Readers 7th Email (303)982-9209
Ms. McKinney
McKinney, Myria
Clinic Aide      
Mrs. Mehmen
Mehmen, Sarah
School Counselor      
 Mrs. Mendieta
Mendieta, Liz
Social Emotional Learning Specialist -- Email (303)982-3232
Minard, Aaron
Pre-Engineering, Math Seminar 7th/8th Email (303)982-9220
Nelson, Bill
World Area Studies: Eastern Hemisphere 7 7th Email (303)982-9246
Nemitz, Dan
Spanish 102, Broadcast Technology 7th/8th Email (303)982-9212
Oaster, Megan
ELA 8, ELA Skills 8, Reading 8 8th Email (303)982-8912
Olvera, David
Custodian --
Orthun, Michael
ELA Honors 8, ELA 8 8th Email (303)982-6151
Palcso, Becca
Choir, Musical Theater, Reflections, Musical 7th/8th Email (303)982-9214
Paletta, Andrew
Math 7, Math 8 7th/8th Email (303)982-8911
Peterson, Kim
Early U.S. History 8 8th Email (303)982-6289
Ms. Reeves
Reeves, Kellen
Rittenhouse, Alisha
ELA 8 8th Email (303)982-0180
Romero, Greg
Early U.S. History 8, Weightlifting and Training 8th Email Use email
Mrs. Schneider
Schneider, Jenny
 Co-Taught Math/Math Seminar 7th/8th    
Stanley, Elise
Financial Secretary -- Email (303)982-9270
Starkey, Douglas
  Computer Science  7th/8th  Email  
Dr. Wenk
Wenk, Mike

Assistant Principal -- Email
Mrs. Wilmes
Wilmes, Mary
Enrollment Secretary --
Whipple, LaVon
Principal Secretary -- Email (303)982-9270
 Mr. Yost
Yost, Larry

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