7th Grade

Elective class offerings are subject to change and NOT GUARANTEED

Avid Readers Semester

Read! Read! Read! This course is designed for a community of readers to share and explore their love of reading with other students. We will explore stories from different perspectives and engage in community conversation through blogs, social media, and discussion boards. Come and share your passion for reading- -come and read!

Choir Semester or Full Year

Choir is a performance-based class open to any student at Dunstan. Students who enjoy or are curious about singing in an ensemble are welcome to try choir. Choir members not only sing songs from different historic time periods and genres, they learn a variety of musical content knowledge, including how to read and write music. There is one mandatory concert per semester.

Concert Band Full Year

This class is for students who have 1-2 years experience playing their instrument and have basic instrumental skills mastered, but it is possible for a beginner to start with approval from Mr. Cavaliere. This class consists of mostly 7th grade students. Concert Band members will perform 3-4 concerts during the school year. All Jefferson County Music Content Standards are part of everyday class and students will be expected to improve on these throughout the full year course. If you are new to the area and wish to be in the class please contact Mr. Cavaliere @ before enrolling.

Computer Science Semester

In Computer Science, students will develop skills in topics such as programming, building websites, animation, 3D modeling, digital photo editing, and multimedia production.

Creative Art Ceramics 7 Semester

Students will uncover different ways in creating art through clay. Students will create utilitarian and/or artistic sculptures through various hand-building techniques such as coil, slab, and modeling.

Creative Writing Semester

Do you have a passion for writing? This course is designed for a community of writers to experience various genres and styles of creative writing. Frequent writing exercises, often inspired by the readings, will provide students with the opportunity to explore a variety of ideas, structures, styles, and other elements of creative writing in order to develop a unique writing style and hone their craft. Much of class time is devoted to workshop, in which students write, share and respond to each other's writing.

Family and Consumer Sciences 7 Semester          

FACS provides a comprehensive foundation for managing individual, family, career, and community roles and responsibilities.  Students will explore and practice Child Development, Foods/Kitchen Basics, Personal Development, Consumer Financial Literacy, and Technical Reading/Sewing/Production Standards.  The curriculum is based on the FACS national standards as well as academic standards from the core areas.

Health Science Semester

This Health Science course focuses on topics relating to health and wellness such as nutrition, physical fitness, setting health goals, caring for and maintaining body systems, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and mental health. The emphasis of the units is to use knowledge to promote responsible decision-making and an understanding of the consequences of one’s choices and actions.

Jewelry Semester

This course is an introduction to basic Jewelry which is considered a small scale three dimension form of art. In class with hands-on experiences, students will learn different techniques used in metal and wire jewelry with a concentration on design. This class will appear as "Creative Art Sculpture" on your schedule.


Lifetime Fitness Semester

Students will develop an understanding of personal wellness through current fitness information and individual fitness activities such as: cardio activities and weight lifting.

Orchestra Full Year

Orchestra is a performance-oriented ensemble that is open to students who have had one or more years' experience in playing a stringed instrument. The group will perform 4-5 concerts throughout the year, including a tour of local elementary schools, and will play both classical and popular music.

Photography 7        Semester

Students will explore the fundamentals of photography. The students will learn good composition, basic computer manipulation, history of photography and the influence of photography in today's world. With this class, students will develop skills that will last a life time.

Physical Education Semester or Full Year

Physical Education is an activities class. Activities will include, but are not limited to: individual and team athletics and personal fitness testing. The goal is to develop the fitness level of the student using a variety of activities. Grades are figured according to individual improvement, not athletic ability.

Pre-Engineering Technology Semester

Students will explore the engineering design process used by actual engineers. Students will develop critical thinking and problem solving skills through various hands-on projects that place emphasis on math, science, and technology. This course comes fully equipped with a computer lab and machine shop where students get to use their creativity and imagination to design, draft prototype, and manufacture their own projects. Students must pass (100%) a general shop, tool, and machine safety test and demonstrate proper behavior to use the lab facilities, including computers and power tools.

Spanish 101      Full Year

Students will engage in active learning through speaking, reading and writing the Spanish language. They will also listen to native speakers to improve comprehension. Students will explore the culture with videos, songs, games, artwork and cultural days. Together, Spanish 101 and Spanish 102 are equal to Spanish I (available in 8th grade).

Smart Fit Girls       Semester

Smart Fit Girls is a program that teaches young ladies how to love their bodies by embracing their own strength. During our program, young ladies participate in exciting activities aimed at improving their self-esteem and body image, and are introduced to resistance training exercises in a fun, group environment.

We’ve been there and know what it’s like to be a young lady. We want to do everything in our power to ensure that young ladies learn to love themselves by embracing their personal strengths.

Stagecraft Semester two only

Stagecraft requires an active, creative student willing to work at a variety of tasks in a hands-on environment. Students will explore technical aspects of theater including lighting, sound, costumes, set design, and stage managing. Safety and responsibility are learned and are essential elements in this class. Students will design and build the set for the school musical.

Theater Arts                Semester

Theater Arts is a performance based class focusing on the basics of acting. The class is designed to help students express themselves and gain confidence while working on skills such as improvisation, characterization, and how to effectively audition and perform. Whether you have experience in theater or not, theater is a fun way to work on performing, public speaking, and memorization techniques.

Visual Arts 7               Semester

Art classes for the 7th grade provide students with two and three dimensional art experiences. A wide variety of media will be used to discover avenues for personal expression ranging in scope from drawing, painting, ceramics, printmaking, jewelry, and beading to sculpture. Learn to create art that will make you feel proud and surprise those around you

Weight Training                  Semester

This is an advanced weight training and conditioning class taught by our very own professional athlete Mr. Romero. Students will learn the value of working out properly as well as the importance of nutrition. Strong interest in weight lifting, conditioning, and physical activity required.


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